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Svelto Interviews Rap & Hip/Hop Artist Little Tribe POW!

January 29, 2014 Arts

!POW, first of all, we want to know about your name.  It’s such a cool name!  How did it come

Back in 07 when I met my musikal soulmate aka Davix my producer, we were making a track recording n layering vocals 4 the chorus that were epic sounding… He said I sounded like an army… Then he turned 2 me n said ‘I’m gonna call u Little Tribe Pow.’ It sounded cool n was kinda like a nickname 4 a few years between us but it wasn’t until later when I produced my own demo 4 the first time cos he had moved to Miami (to work with the amazikal Timberland 4 a few years) that I created a sound that ironically ended up embodying the name… from that moment on it stuck n made complete sense. We reconnected in 2012 when he moved back to LA n picked up were we left off but better!

Can you give us a brief bio on where you’re from, what you’ve been doing and what the future holds for 2014?

I was born n raised in Sydney Australia then flew across the ocean to the USA to make my dreams a reality… I been in arts from the moment I came out of my mothers womb. I been performing on stage since I can remember. I started painting first, then violin when I was 22 months. Next was dancing when I was around 3 yrs old. I began songwriting when I was 14 and when I was 17 starting teaching nuskool hip hop at Sydney Dance Company. I’ve been blessed to tour as a professional dancer n choreographer in Australia and America n learnt all I needed to kno about that lyfe. Dancing was my main passion n career until I found my voice n sound in music. I have also gotten 2 experience band lyfe being on the road, singing n performing with an awesome group of guys called Mansions on the Moon who are good mates of mine now n have been collaborating on more music together.

Putting out my first video Truf early this year helped people to be able to see the visual that I had envisioned, created n embody. I recently wrapped on my 2nd music video Bang D Bang (!POW) will be out in 2014. In editing phase right now but can’t wait 2 share soooon! I’ll be performing more next year n there’s a few chill projects I can’t talk about yet till they come out. Honestly I’m jus excited to show tha world soon who I am, wut I represent n hopefully contribute to humanity… I’m a modern day hippie lets jus put it that way! ;)

Please, describe your music and your influences.

I guess I grew up musically eclectic. My parents listened to the Beatles, the Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, Italian Operas and Jazz. I loved Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Nirvana, Jewel, Alanis Morrisette, TLC, Silver Chair, Massive Attack, No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers n Blink182. But also went to underground dance raves n fell in love with hip hop culture in my teens. It was actually my cousin, who was an underground hip hop DJ that introduced me into the culture. He would play at parties n sometimes after school he would skool me on records n where they were originally sampled from. He had soooo many vinyls! That’s when I started my love affair with hip hop… I actually came up with a name 4 my sound, its POP TRAP Cos I grew up playing in both the underground n tha surface… drawn to the alternate but have always had a pop sensibility… Like YIN n YANG… Embracing both… therefore embracing LYF3… That is something I rep strongly.

We love your style!  How does fashion play into who you are and how you express your style in music?

Thank UUU! I believe style is a form of expression. I realized my style is eclectic n forever evolving… much like my quest as a human being on earth. I am an artist thru n thru. I try to use as many ways to express myself honestly, uniquely n truly thru myself and ergo thru my art. U know that saying… Life imitates Art, Art imitates Life? I love that cos to me it means inspiration not only derives from one or the other but is cyclical. LYFE is ART. ART is LYF3!

In my last video I made majority of my fits as well as featuring some of my amazing friends deigns/creations. I guess I wanna inspire people to be UNIQUE n work together. Find their own style n realize being competitive is irrelevant… to dig deeper 2 find their true selves. Then it’s a matter of finding a way to honestly express yourself CREATIVELY n Freely. I love this quote n I think it describes what I feel too perfectly…

“When you realize no one else on this earth can be like you… that no other soul may know the beauty, sorrow, light and darkness you alone are given to see, then you will no longer want to be like anyone else on this earth. You will, at last, be the fearless individual your heart of hearts has called you to be.” – Guy Finley

Let’s move on to heavier questions, like can your music bring about world peace (I think it can).

My intention that drives my own Lyfe n music is P.L.U.R. – Peace Love Unity Respect…. Towards yourself n every other living thing on this planet. I feel we need these things if we want to progress n evolve in a positive way. I like to call it P.L.U.R. LYF3 cos 4 me it is a lifestyle.
I found this word when I was 15 yrs old at an underground rave where somebody had written it in my rave book as a signing off. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard of. From that moment on I have worked on practicing and embodying this MANTRA. I still have to work on it everyday, applying it to experiences n situations is challenging at times. But I choose 2 surround myself with people who practice this too 4 themselves n others, and now It’s almost become a habit for me. You see we can choose to break old habits that don’t suit us anymore n also add on new habits we resonate with… Kinda like designing yourself from the inside out!! N then designing the whole planet collectively towards a more balanced n peaceful existence, IF we are all on the same WAVE length!! We need 2 work together in order to see the CHANGE in THA !WORLD

Do you have a favorite DJ?

Yesss my friends are my favorite Dj’s actually… My Avatar Shawty, Alees Yvon aka @EgyptianLovHer jus dropped a mix tape u can find it on her tumblr 2 download – A Vanity Mix I put it on when im getting ready to go out….vibey pre-game music. Also my childhood friend Kate Elsworth has been painting tha planet djing n performing some of her own songs at some of the biggest parties in the world!! You can listen 2 her music at She even has a Pandora Station under her name now too, soooo stoked n so was she cos she didn’t even kno when I told her!!! 4realz HUGE supporter of other female artists reppin themselves truly…Love 4 my Queez out thurr!Yeeeee

This may be the first time that some of our readers will hear your music.  Which of your songs would you recommend that they listen to first and why?

TRUF is my first single, which is a topic I’m fond of n something a Yogi had further instilled in me around the time I wrote that song last year. He had said… it isn’t the easiest path 2 take but if you are truthful at all times in ur own life n towards other people then eventually you will only have n experience true reflections back 2 you. Bang D Bang (!POW) would be next…a introduction to me n my world, you will experience the full depth of it when u see the visual tho! After that Epic Shit, which is sorta displaying the ego artistically but in a fun way 4 me (balance/yin n yang). And my 4th single Pop Trap (which I haven’t released yet but will be soon) will tie it all up n complete this chapter in my body of work. Thru my music I hope to open people’s minds… I believe nothing has meaning till u give it meaning… I urge you to be a seeker, think for yourself, use ur imagination n child like wonder to get inspired n PA!NT THA PLAN3T in your TRU colors! How much more interesting n inspiring tha world would be if everyone aimed to be uniquely themselves without limitations, without fear… 2 express FREELY :)

!Pow <3

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